Chez Madeline Inn and Retreat

“... everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world.” - Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana

Madeline Island is a place of deep spiritual resonance.  In many ways it's beauty is indescribable.  People that come to the island and connect with it's subtleties keep coming back sometimes unaware of just why.  Physically, it is incredibly beautiful, but there is something beneath the surface, in the spirit of the place, that is totally unique and deeply transforming.

It has attracted people of deep spiritual beliefs for centuries and is the devotional center for the Ojibwe People.  The town of La Pointe is a friendly and welcoming town where even six year old kids can still ride their bikes safely in the street.  Their parents knowing that the community has an eye on all of it's children.

There is small farmer's market on Fridays where one can taste the best the island has to offer.  The state and town parks are rife with hiking trails and sandy beaches butting up against some of the clearest water in the world.  You will find ample opportunity to boat, kayak, paddle board, hike, bike and more.

The nightlife on the island is also quite a spectacle.  If you journey down to Tom's Burned Down Café, you are met with one of the most unique bars in the county which has been featured in many publications and is some peoples sole reason for visiting Madeline Island.  Tom has live music there throughout the summer.  Café Seiche, features some of the best local food in the area and The Pub is a staple and highlights the local areas with nautical images and a nostalgic living-by-the-sea feel.

Regardless of what brings you to the island, you will be enchanted by it's unique and beautiful character, it's physical allure and special inhabitants.

The property that is now known as Chez Madeline was originally built in the early 1900's as a loggers barrack.  It was then purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Alexander as a summer home for their family and was ultimately bought by Stuart W. Campbell as a retreat and base for his love of sailing.  Stuart is known for having taught many of the sailors racing the waters around Madeline Island today.  His passion for art and his amazing craftsmanship left a lasting impression on the community of La Pointe.


The house itself served a more important purpose.  It was a family home, allowing the children and grandchildren of the Campbell clan to spend summers together.  It is with this in mind that the family hopes to be able to share these exceptional experiences with other families.  From the beautiful old cabin to the large private beach, there are few properties on the island that offer the same amenities and privacy while still being within five minutes of downtown La Pointe.


We hope you will consider us when planning your stay on Madeline Island.  The property is available for rent as a private estate or as individual buildings all offering a unique and comfortable experience.


The Main House features five bedrooms including a luxurious master suite and two and a half baths.  It has two large living areas, a gourmet kitchen and beautiful river rock fireplace


The Artist's Loft is one large area looking out onto the forest and the lake with a three quarter bath and hardwood floors.


The Wee Hoose is a quaint guest house that features two rooms and a full bath.  It is directly above the lake and gives one the feeling of sleeping on the beach when the windows are open.  It would make an excellent honeymoon suite.


For more information and pricing, please contact Madeline Island Vacations at (715) 747-2388 .